Our Mission

For over ten years Casa Relief has been dedicated to the supply, education & spread of the key principals of Fair Trade.


We are dedicated to supplying quality fair trade products through direct partnerships with individual artisans, families & co-operatives from around the world.

We work directly with our artisans preserving traditional weaving techniques. We work with them to create new and lasting slow fashion design. 


Working hard to provide a quality product to the Canadian market with a meaningful product with minimal impact on the environment. 


Fair Trade

Casa Relief is dedicated to our principals of Fair Trade.

Each one of our products are created by providing a sustainable living wage. Each artisan is paid a minimum of 50% upfront. 


Additional support is often provided to subsides the purchase of supplies, tools or machinery. 

Women empowerment

Casa Relief is dedicated to the education & empowerment of young women.


Many of our weavers rely on the wages to support their families. Community and education is important. That is why each year Casa Relief sponsors local young women through primary school, secondary school & university.

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Contact Us:

Email: Casarelief@outlook.com

Phone: 647-444-4514

119 Commissioner St

PO Box 167

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